The rhetoric of the prophetic discourse to Isaiah

LEI 30.00
Protos. Mihail Nagy

The theme of this book is of special importance for the exegesis of the Old Testament, because it is the first consistent research in the field of the rhetorical critique in the space of the Romanian Orthodox theology. The interpretation of the biblical text aims to identify the textual elements with a rhetoric potential value and to use it to reach a profound and authentic understanding of the revealed message. Therefore, the rhetoric critical approach can be perceived as a re-evaluation of the significances of the Gospel text from the perspective of the rhetoric techniques. In this light, the text of the prophet Isaiah offers to the researcher a succession and intertwining of ample rhetoric techniques, intending to focus the reader on the essentialised content of the prophetic message: justice, holiness, righteousness, messianism, horizon of restoration and others.

Priest PhD Professor Ioan Chirilă


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14,7 x 20,5 cm