Biblical Propaedeutics: From Primordium to the rebellion of the Maccabees. Historical books Vol. 1

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Priest Alexandru Moldovan

In a world affected by the loss of landmarks that seemed unshakable and irrefutable, the return to the Holy Gospel is a necessity and an obligation, if we identify ourselves as Christians. It is, in the same time, a therapy. We live times when the most elemental biblical data of our culture are relativized or rejected. The big fundamental questions of the humankind, which used to have their response in the Gospel, are impacted and corroded by the posthuman ideologies. How did the universe appear? What is the man? What is beyond this world? Which are the fundamental moral principles necessary for the existence of the society? What is wisdom? What kind of God do we have? What are the consequences of sin?

All these questions have been in the human mind for ages, but we deal nowadays with forces that try to erase the answers inspired by God together with the “remainder of wrath (Psalms 76:10). Therefore, we need to bring into actuality the memory of the Gospel by reading and understanding it. For this aspect, the book of the priest professor Alexandru Moldovan offers an appreciated introduction in the biblical theology of the Old Testament applied to the historic books from its content. Using the literature and the texts of the Holy Fathers, the author proposes a text accessible to the Theology students and, in the same time, to a general reader. His method is the contextualisation, so the reader understands better the mentalities, the circumstances, the issues at stake and the meanings for the participants to the biblical events and for those who, inspired by God, transmitted them in a written form.

†Macarie, Romanian Orthodox Bishop of North Europe

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