Biblical Propaedeutics: From Primordium to the rebellion of the Maccabees. Historical books. Vol. 2

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Priest Alexandru Moldovan

The history of our salvation, starting from the Adam’s tears, continuing with Abel’s sacrifice, the righteous Noah, the patriarch Abraham and the prophet Moses, and the long row of kings and prophets of Israel, is not an ancient history of a foreign nation, a history foreign to our daily life, but the contrary: it is the inner reality of each of us, because we are spiritually connected with our ancestors and their work together with God. The Holy Gospel is not just a text, not only because it is inspired by the Holy Ghost, but also because this narration give meaning to the gospels in our abyssal unconsciousness, formed from the fall, the salvations, and the collective traumas of the humanity from old times until the present.

To help our incapacity and our loss of spiritual life, as Saint John the Chrysostom wrote, this inner realities and revelations were written, to compensate in this external form what our souls do not know anymore by heart.

†Macarie, Romanian Orthodox Bishop of North Europe

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