How to buy?

The virtual store offers you several possibilities to order any title from the fields visible on its opening page.

1. You can order online.

To place an online order, there are a few steps:

Step 1: Add books to your shopping cart by clicking the Add to Cart button, which you can find as a comic book.

Step 2: After choosing each book, you will be directed to the Shopping Cart section.

Once you have added a book to the cart, you can choose the number of copies you want to purchase, using the Quantity button - located at the top right of the shopping cart.

In the same window you can delete a product from the shopping cart, using the Delete button - located on the left side of the product.

Completing the order is done by pressing the Finish Order button, located at the bottom right of the basket.

In this section you have another special button:

  • Refresh your cart: gives you the ability to view your cart status after you've made some desired changes

Step 3: By pressing the Finish Order button, you are one step away from sending the order to be processed. In this section it is necessary to fill in the marked spaces to provide information about the customer, billing and delivery methods, payment methods and delivery costs.

If you are an old customer it means that you are using an active account. If this is the first time you buy from us, create an account by simply entering some data that is useful to us in order to issue the tax invoices and for the correct delivery of the ordered products to you.

You can also place your order without registering an account, but you need to enter the delivery details each time you place an order.

Enter a billing address (and a delivery address, if different).

Choose the payment method considering that, in case of payment by card or by electronic transfer / PO, the refund fee is no longer paid, which, in case of express courier, is 5 lei, and in case of service by Romanian Post is 7 lei (fee increasing depending on the value of the package).

Choose the delivery method, the costs of which are calculated automatically according to the weight of the products placed in the basket. Delivery is made in maximum 3 working days by express courier and maximum 5 working days by Romanian Post.

2. You can call the phone numbers 0258 811 690 / 0786 052 480 or you can write to us at, where your order will be taken by one of our colleagues.

Please also provide us with a telephone number so that we can contact you on the day you place your order.