Thoughts on the Centenary of the Big Union: Joyousness, emotions and responsibility

LEI 20.00
† Irineu, Archbishop of Alba Iulia

In 2018, I had the joy and privilege to be present with my contemporaries to the Centenary of the Big Union achieved on the 1st of December 1918. A century passed from the achievement of the high ideal of national unity, “our ancestors and parents longed their entire life”, as poetically expressed Octavian Goga. After centuries of separation and foreign rulers, the crucial moment in the history of the Romanian nation was the unification in Big Romania. On a winter day, a hundred years ago, tens of thousands of Romanians travelled to the historic citadel of Alba Iulia to declare the union between Transylvania and the Mother-Country and to form the national unitary state. Together with the Romanian elites of those times,  in front of the Grand National Assembly, there were illustrious priests of the Church, who fought with all their power to defend the national being and the spiritual and national of the Romanians.

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