Publishing Procedure

Publishing a work at Reîntregirea Publishing House involves going through a process of acceptance and evaluation of the quality and relevance of the manuscript transmitted by the national or international authors. The authors who intend to publish under the aegis of Reîntregirea Publishing House shall take into account the following mandatory aspects:

  1. The subject of the manuscript is in accordance with the profile of the Publishing House which mainly publishes books of theology and spirituality, but also works from the sphere of humanist or social sciences with a pronounced religious character.
  2. Obtain the blessing of His Eminence Irineu, the Archbishop of Alba Iulia, for the publication of the manuscript.
  3. Taking full ownership of the originality of the work, of the norms of ethics and academic integrity and of copyright-right over the manuscript materials that require the consent of the holder.
  4. Acceptance of all the conditions laid down in the contract to be signed between the author and the Reîntregirea Publishing House.
  5. Accepting the manuscript subjection to the evaluation process (peer-review) by Reîntregirea Publishing House reviewers.

The evaluation procedure of the manuscripts (peer-review) submitted for publication at Reîntregirea Publishing House shall be phased in following the steps below:

  1. The authors send the editable manuscripts to the publishing house's official address, giving a brief description of the publication intentions and a summary of the paper’s contents. Within 5 days at most, the editorial committee of the Publishing House checks whether the manuscript complies with the general conditions of writing specific to the Publishing House and whether it fits thematically in the publishing house profile, after which they get the Archbishop’s blessing. If these general conditions are met, the editorial committee shall communicate the submission of the material to be reviewed to the author. If the material does not comply with the general rules of writing, does not thematically fit in the publishing house profile or does not receive the Archbishop’s blessing, the author will be notified that the manuscript cannot be published at Reîntregirea Publishing House.
  2. Depending on the subject, the manuscript is sent for review (without specifying the author's name) to two of the members of the publishing house review committee, who within 5 days will confirm their intention to honor the review. From the date of receipt of the manuscript, within 30 days, the reviewers will complete the peer review form of the publishing house, establishing the given score and inserting the comments for each of the 5 items, and will send the result of the assessment to the editor-in-chief of the Publishing House. In order to be published, the material shall be assessed by the evaluators by at least 12 points.
  3. The editor-in-chief shall analyze the reviewers' templates and, depending on the outcome of the evaluation, communicate the publication opinion (positive or negative) to the author. If the reviewed manuscript is accompanied by observations requiring its improvement, the assessments of anonymous specialists shall be transmitted to the author to improve the text. . The author will reply if he or she wishes to take account of the comments received and resubmit the manuscript for publication. If a reference is negative, the opinion of a third one will be sought. If the latter reference is also negative, the paper will be rejected. Once the review process is completed, the authors will be notified of the outcome of accepting or rejecting the manuscript.
  4. After accepting the manuscript for publication, a contract will be signed between the author and the Publishing House representative and the number of copies to be printed will be established. In order edit the manuscript, the technical characteristics of the book (format, font, cover, etc.) will be agreed upon within 30 days, after correction and specialized desktop-publishing, the Publishing House will send the book in electronic format to the author for the permission to print.

The collectivity of reviewers of the reunification Publishing House

  1. Rev. PhD Professor Ioan-Emil Jurcan - Faculty of Orthodox Theology, “1 December 1918” University in Alba Iulia
  2. Rev. PhD Professor Gheorghe Remete - The Doctoral School of the “1 December 1918” University in Alba Iulia
  3. Rev. PhD Professor Gheorghe Popa - Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi
  4. Rev. PhD Professor Ștefan Iloaie - Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca
  5. PhD Professor Ciprian Streza - Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Lucian Blaga University in Iași
  6. Rev. PhD Assistant Professor David Pestroiu - Faculty of Orthodox Theology Justinian Patriarch, University of Bucharest
  7. PhD Associate Professor Ana Dumitran - National Union Museum in Alba Iulia
  8. PhD Professor Mark J. Cherry – St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas
  9. Rev. PhD Assistant Professor Ovidiu Panaite - Faculty of Orthodox Theology, “1 December 1918” University in Alba Iulia
  10. Rev. PhD Assistant Professor Alin Albu - Faculty of Orthodox Theology, “1 December 1918” University in Alba Iulia