How Christianity changed the world

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Alvin J. Schmidt
Cosmin Lauran

Reîntregirea Press, which edited the best quality theological literature since its opening, offers now to the readers the work of an American Lutheran pastor and, in the same time, a sociologist, Alvin J. Schmidt – How Christianity changed the world, in the translation of Cosmin Lauran, proposing a historical-moral perspective on the Christianity. The book relates to the contemporary man and is written in a simple language, accessible to the western readers; still, the perspective of the book is not contaminated by the spirit of popularisation. The vast historiographic materials used by Alvin J. Schmidt show us an authentic erudite author, who possesses a great epic talent. No page in this volume is boring for the reader and does not offer to him a feast of untasteful spiritual food claiming to be “methodological”.

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