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Cosmin Lauran

The work of Cosmin Laurean – Missio Israelis. A missionary lecture of the Old Testament – is his PhD thesis in Theology, defended in the field of Orthodox Missiology to “Babeş-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca in 2016. The theme of the work is centred on the missionary hermeneutics of the Revelation of the Old Testament. The author completed, after a serious research, an interdisciplinary theological work. It contains missionary hermeneutics of the Pentateuch and proposes a missionary interpretation of the Old Testament and of the Gospels. The fact that the mission of God in the world and for the world and the human participation to it are still in progress offer the main reason for this approach.

Priest PhD Professor Valer Bel


Mission, from a biblical perspective, is an action centred on the idea of the communication between God with the man/ creation in order to establish eternal communion. Mission is an action aiming to seeing God (see Exodus 33:18) and knowing God. There is, in the prophetic literature, a dimension synonymous to the big missionary office (Matthew 28:19) – the Book of Jonah. The idea of witnessing is predominant, meaning the mission of witnessing God in life. The present work proposes this type of lecture, highlighting two missionary models: missio Dei and missio Israelis. The work of Cosmin Lauran is a novel missionary hermeneutics of the Old Testament in the Romanian space and the author should be praised for it!

Priest PhD Professor Ioan Chirilă


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